# Two years into the crypto rabbit hole

07 September, 2018
- 1 min read

About two years ago, in August 2016, I started my journey into working full-time in blockchain-related projects. After shutting down a previous startup I spent building for 6 years (yes, almost a complete life in startup years), I felt it…

# Introducing the Decentraland Marketplace

19 March, 2018
- 1 min read

Today we are very excited to announce our Marketplace. After the Terraform Event it became evident that we needed to provide an easy way to control your assets within Decentraland. After a few weeks’ work, we are are delighted to deliver…

# An experiment about portable intelligence

07 November, 2017
- 1 min read

One of the things about machine learning that excites me is how a neural network creates a compact representation of the world that could be portable and used in any mobile device not only on centralized server farms.

# A dive into decision making

07 October, 2017
- 1 min read

Many times I wondered about how the decision making process works in our mind. We are constantly deciding about things, whether at work, personal life or shopping. Some decisions are automatic. They are programmed in our brain and we might…

# Web + Money

17 September, 2017
- 1 min read

As part of my work at PopChest exploring new ways to help content creators using blockchain technologies I set up an experimental Revenue Share smart contract to automatically distribute funds among different beneficiaries in a trustless…

# Word similarity using product discount data

16 January, 2017
- 1 min read

Among all the branches of machine learning I'm really interested in unsupervised learning, basically discovering structure in the data without any specific purpose. It is already being used as a way to "bootstrap" other models, extracting…

# Starting from scratch: 2007 vs 2016

18 April, 2016
- 1 min read

I started my first company in 2007. It’s been almost a 10-year journey with many ups and downs along the way. I had the chance to meet incredible people and do great projects, I have also learnt many things down the road, often by trial and…

# Let's Open Data and feed a smarter AI

28 December, 2015
- 1 min read

Scientists and engineers are playing with different approaches to imitate intelligence, that is to replicate things humans can naturally do effortlessly to make sense of the information in our world. One of the most promising approaches is…

# Into the curves of happiness

29 October, 2015
- 1 min read

During my life, I've seen people react very differently to positive and negative experiences and how they incorporate those events into their lives. It has always seemed to me that although we are all facing ups and downs in our happiness…

# Execute or think?

02 August, 2015
- 1 min read

I’ve been fascinated with technology since I was a child. My father bought me a computer when I was 10 years old after I insisted him so much. Before that, every time I had the chance I went over my friends house to play with computers. I…

# To trust or not to trust the AI

10 June, 2015
- 1 min read

I live in Buenos Aires. Every day I drive to work, it’s really not a long journey, however in the last decade the city got really full of cars and any accident or problem could easily double the time of my trip. I usually go by the same…