Core contributor at The Graph and Decentraland.

# Recent

I joined Decentraland in 2017 to build the first-ever Metaverse owned by its user. As the Head of the dApps & Smart Contracts team, we pioneered NFTs by launching LAND, the most popular ERC721 in Ethereum and a Marketplace to trade it.

# Past

In 2016 I jumped fully into crypto as CTO of PopChest, starting a journey that took me to San Mateo, California, and participating in Tribe 8 of Boost VC incubator.

In 2010 I founded Oony, an online and mobile platform that helped people shop smarter. At its peak, we had +3 million publications in 15 countries, and it was very profitable... until it wasn't, then I had to start from scratch, and it was good. Before that, I founded Weegoh, the first location-based social network for mobile devices in Latin America that we pivoted to Oony.